bitcoin-cli signmessage 1NuQLbjgegY2CAT8Lud6Ncu3ZgSSDKKwaZ 'As of Mon Aug 1 21:58:34 UTC 2016 I have not, to the best of my knowledge, been involved in or served with regards to any lawsuits, legal actions, criminal proceedings, or subpoenas thereof, or even any simple requests for information from any law enforcement or other governmental body authority, ever, with anything even remotely related to bitcoin; nor with any criminal proceedings even remotely related to bitcoin or cryptography or anything remotely related, ever. With regards to bitcoin or remotely-related bitcoin topics such as blockchain analyses or cryptography primitives used in bitcoin or the code of bitcoin or building it or mining it or running it, I have not knowingly provided any information directly to any law enforcement body that I am aware of. I do not run unique services or provide any online data or provide any data-analysis tools which could conceivably be used by law enforcement against people without my direct involvement. I have never testified as an expert witness or even about any remotely bitcoin-related topic in any court case, ever.'